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10 Triples in one night by Rio! Breaking Record!

The last time that record was done was 20 years ago by Brian Shaw! The Miami Heat players purposely sat down for the quarter in order for Chalmers to tie the record of 10 triples in a single game. What a team effort and support the Miami Heat organization have for each other. It was an exciting game overall with the top 3 scoring and defending the ball well the first half. The entire team contributed the first half. Chalmers and James had 23 points out of the 28 points combined in the first quarter. James had 3 steals in the first quarter that turned into offensive for a lay up. Mike Miller had an amazing night with triples as well 4 for the night. The defense was on fire with steals and blocks and having only 5 turnovers the first half. That is a perfect night I would say for the Miami Heat game. Bosh with 14 points, and UD with 7 rebounds and 4 points. The most points in a quarter by the heat 38 points in the 3rd quarter. The top two players of the night Thomas and Rio with 31 points for the night. Even the bench was a contributor to the game with 25 points. Lewis played for the first time in 11 games with 6 points. What a night to remember with 17 triples for the heat team!


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