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” The Birdman” good or bad decision by the Heat?

The Miami Heat signed Chris Andersen for a 10 day contract best known as the “Birdman”. He is known for his rebounds and that is exactly what the heat are lacking this season. Many have doubts due to the fact he has not been playing for over a year or so since the Denver released him last season. The Heat have been struggling attacking the boards this season and rebounds is where they need the most help. Bringing a power forward or center can contribute to the rebounds. The “birdman” will bring energy and help them offensively and defensively with his aggressiveness. As a fan I do believe the Heat made the right decision by acquiring him. I am excited to see his energy and contribute with the team.The top two rebounders have not been consistent lately on the boards. Udonis and Bosh must contribute more and step up to the game in order for the heat to defend the title once again. He is also known for his tattoo’s and mohawk. Many see his appearance as a bad boy look. Many are asking is he ready to play? Is he in top shape to play? Did the heat make the right decision?



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