Games Review

How great is Lebron?

Last night game was not only a regular game but a game changer game for a special fan. Mr Mike was one of the contestant for Lebron’s foundation. He stated he had been practicing his hook shot for weeks and he even had a strategy for it.  The neat part about it is such a humble gentleman  who hope for the ball to go in and it sure did. In his wildest  dream did he think Lebron James would embrace him after the winning shot, hug him and be so excited for him as if he had  won another championship game. It was amazing to see Lebron get excited about Mike the contestant make the shot . It even shock his teammates like Wade who stated in an interview “I  did not see that coming ”  That is what makes Lebron remarkable.  Unexpected human being who cares about his peers and fans. Who else in the league or sports industry would embrace a fan in such excitement? 


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