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Ray’s return and a 2 OT game loss!

Ray Allen
The anticipation of Ray Allen returning to Boston was an emotional moment with a welcome video in the introduction and once the game started he  received boos as he enter the lineup . Ray has been great in clutch moments for the heat this season and they have won because of his incredible winning shots.
The Celtics did not value Ray and realized what they lost. There was so much intensity, and excitement for Ray Allen to step on the court and play his first game back in Boston. Ray came in the middle of the second quarter, and quickly scored two points. Every time he touched the ball he got booed. Once again Ray made a three point shot in a clutch moment making the game 85-84 heat trailing in the 4Th quarter.
Lebron James made a three pointer to tied the game at 87-87 with 10 seconds left in the game. Paul Pierce and Garnett made key shots to tied the game once again 93-93 going to double overtime. With the game on line the Celtics made a great stretch with open looks to Pierce who made a fifteen  footer plus the foul. The Miami Heat had the ball seconds left of the 2ND over time and needed a two pointer to tie or a three to win.
Dwayne Wayne saw an open Battier and shot a three pointer which ended being an air ball.  As a loyal heat fan the game was exciting but in the same token nerve wrecking to watch the heat be manhandled by Pierce and Garnett in the double overtime. The Heat got out rebound defensively towards the end of the game.  The Celtics benched scored more points then the Heat bench that is what made the difference in the end. The heat loss 100-98 in double overtime.

Monster dunk on Chris Bosh


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