Basketball News

The Heat Rocking the 90’s Red uniform

It’s great to see the Heat rocking the 90’s red uniform. Seeing a change in uniform is a fun look to see as a fan. It looks great on Lebron, Wade, and the rest of the team. In my opinion  it looks better on them then the 90’s players. It’s a great way to reminisce as a fan of the heat seeing the greats as PJ Brown, Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, Glen Rice, Eddie Jones, and Dan Majerle rocking the uniform.

It brings back memories of  the rivalry games against the Knicks and many battles they had against each other.  PJ Brown getting into a fight with a Knick player has to be one of the top plays in the history of the heat organization. Watching the heat play today against the Raptors and seeing the old school 90’s red jersey and red shorts with the numbers printed really big.

The Basketball logo on the jersey and shorts with a small print  it looks different and an appealing look for the new heat.  I can now say by far my favorite uniform of the season.The heat are celebrating 25 years of the heat organization and that is the reason of the 90’s uniform.  By the way the heat outscored the raptors in the 3rd and 4th quarter winning 100-85.


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