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Lebron’s almost perfect night!

Lebron James

Monday’s night game against the Bobcats was another important game for the Heat, and it was a battle they won at the end. Lebron James scored 31 points in consecutive games, and Chris Bosh was aggressive by contributing with 23 points that in the long run helped the Heat come back in the second half . Lebron had an amazing  night with 13 for 14 from the field for a career best 93-percent shooting .

Since the Heat signed James in 2010-2011 he has been the player of the month, and once again is not a surprise this month player of the month is Lebron James. With shooting night like Monday he is prone to be the best player every month, and most valuable player of the league. Those acculates do not matter to Lebron what matters to him is his team, and the team playing as a unit. He is a team player that only makes his teammates better players and people.

Tonight is another important game for the Heat, and their opponent is the Houston Rockets who scored 140 points last night against the Warriors! I could not believe the number, and thought to myself either the Warriors could not find a way to defend them or the Rockets had a phenomenal shooting night, and it was that kind of night for their shooters.

In order for the Heat to beat the Rockets they must come out with their A game, and put a lot of pressure on their shooters. They must defend the boards offensively, and defensively in order to  get an early lead in the first half so they can control the game. Very important for the “Birdman”, UD, and Bosh to be aggressive defensively in order to get second chances.


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