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Big wins for the Heat before the All-Star weekend!

Udonis Haslem

It has been an incredible ride for the Miami Heat as of lately.  Big wins but it has been tough ones to battle it has not been easy for the Heat. They take each game as an important game is never the mentally of saying this is an easy game we got this.

Having Lebron as a leader shows his teammates to be humble and to take every game like is a playoff game. Last week was a great week for the Heat beating Houston, Clippers and the Lakers on Sunday.  The Houston and Clipper game  was a blow out and it was great offensive game for Lebron and the rest of the team.

Lebron had his usual 30 points for the last three consecutive games and became a franchise record for having 30 points in a row. His desire to win and give it his all has  helped the Heat win  games. I have notice in the recently games acquiring the ” Birdman” has helped the Heat with energy and with rebounds offensively and defensively.

The Lakers game was a close one all through out the first three-quarters it was back and forth game between the two team what a nail biter.  So many highlights to remember from steals that converted to monsters dunk by Lebron. Of course Kobe was unstoppable and had a great game offensively hitting easy buckets.

Wade did a great job defending him and  occasionally Kobe was defended by two players and still manage to score. In the 4th quarter is when the Heat and Lebron took over the game and dominated on both ends of the court. Once again Lebron scoring 30 points for the night . The  Heat have manage to finish games in the 4th quarter with blocks by Wade and Lebron down the strecth of the game and  have scored in the paint by easy layups and dunks.

Eight straight win game at home and 6 straight win game in a row.  Can you say the Red Hot 25th anniversary jersey have been a good luck charm for the Heat?

Monster dunks by Lebron vs the Bucks


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