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The 4th Quarter come back Heat!

Lebron James

The last two games have not been pretty at all. The Heat have started the games with no energy lack of focus and allowing their opponents to score early in the game. On Wednesday’s game the Hawks was not any different they dominated right away with early buckets in the paint.

It was a struggle for the Heat all through out the first three-quarters with turnovers and 3-pointers by Kyle Korver which he had 12 points all on 3-pointers. Josh Smith had 9 rebounds it help the Hawks get a 10 point lead also adding to the lead was Harris with 3-pointer with 4.3 seconds left in the first half.

Late in the 3 quarter the Heat started their momentum with Battier and Allen making crucial shots to get the lead in the fourth quarter for the first time in the game. It gave the Heat a boost to take control of the game with key players stepping up like Allen and Chalmers with 14 and 15 points for the game. Lebron  had a better 4th quarter by making free throws and scoring in the paint. It seems to be a theme for the Heat this year to be trailing by 10 or more and coming back in the 4th quarter with poise and desire to win. Winning the game 103-90

Thursday night against the Bulls was the same scenario trailing in the first quarter and letting the Bulls to an early lead until the Bulls started making errors not controlling the ball. That is when the game turned around for the Heat and the Bulls committed 27 turnovers which became a season high for the team. The Bulls had a great chance to make it a competitive game with Nate scoring 14 points, Boozer with 12  points and Noah with 11 points it seem like they had a chance however with the amount of turnovers the Bulls had the game was over by then. Lebron had his usual game with 26 points and 12 rebounds and Wade helped with 17 points. Dwayne Wade always brings his A game when he come home to Chicago. What a night for the Heat to win their season-high 9th straight win.

The Philadelphia game was not a struggle for the Heat dominating all through out the game with no problem. Dwayne Wade scoring 33 points for the night helped the Heat cruised to their 10th straight win. Another amazing win by the Heat with fancy passes from Lebron to Bosh making a lay-up. At one point the crowd was cheering for Lebron in their court with the  No-look passes to Wade and Norris.  They finish their road trip in a high noteThe Heat Winning 114-90


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