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12th straight win for the Red Hot Heat in 2 OT!

Miami Heat Pre-GameWhat a win in 2 OT for the Heat vs the Kings. The young energized Kings kept the Heat on their toes with 3-pointers, great defense and great looks to the hoop. The Heat are having the best Month in the history of the franchise and in the league with 12 consecutive wins.

Also Lebron making his own history by being the first player to score 30-points with 60% FG in 6 straight games. What an incredible game from start to an exhausting finish. It was a nail biter from Wade taking the last shot in the regular time and missing the shot to end the quarter.

The kings came back in the 1st OT by making a pair of 3-pointers with Ray Allen defending Thornton but it was evident Allen was not in his face nor trapping him to avoid the shot. That hurt the Heat in the 1st OT and had a chance to win but the kings roar back to tie the game.

Lebron and the Heat know exactly how to come back and win games knowing a winning streak is on the line. Two crucial plays decided the game for the Heat one of them being Bosh’s block and Wade’s block towards the end and it help them get fouled and make free throws.

Lebron scoring 40-points and his partner in crime Wade making 39-points for the night.As a fan my favorite part of the game was watching Birdman making a monster dunk what an exciting moment for him.


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