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Depth in the Miami Heat Bench

Miami Heat WarmupLast night was a historic night for the Miami Heat the only Heat team to win 62 wins in a regular season. The night before they tied a franchise record winning 61 games in a regular season just like the 1996-1997 Heat team ( 61-21 ) who was led by Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway, Dan Majerle, P.J brown, Keith Askins (assistant coach now) and Kurt Thomas.

1997 team was big on defense with Alonzo protecting the paint and being the best blocker in the league immersing Tim Hardaway lay ups to the rim. Who would have thought 16 years later in 2013 the record would be broken? Since the Heat lost their winning streak of 27 to the Chicago Bulls it has been all about the depth of the bench with key players like Mike Miller with his killer three’s. Rashard Lewis has been a huge surprise and taking his game to his old school style with his shooting range and helping the team with rebounds.

The regular back ups squad like Norris Cole, Ray Allen, Joel Anthony, Birdman, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem and James Jones have been a crucial part in this team and they have done a great job filling in for the super star players who have been injured and have not played for the past week. The key players who have not been playing are Lebron , Wade, Chalmers , Ray Allen and Bosh and the bench still managed to win key games without the super stars. Coach Spoe kept stating that is the reason we got this team together in the off season to be prepare when it came to injuries and have the ability to take over the games.

The last game the Heat lost without the starters was against the competitive New York Knicks on April 2nd 102-90. The second unit has so much confidence with each other and play well as a team they beat the San Antonio Spurs without Lebron and Wade however Bosh took over the team when needed the most and hit the winning three. In the upcoming days the playoffs will start again and the Heat are back to defend their championship . The way the bench is playing right now the Heat are ready to conquer any obstacle coming their way and have a great chance to win it all once again.


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