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Heroic steal by Flat top Norris Cole

The Heat have proven they can beat the Chicago Bulls after all with a convincing win on Sunday 105-93. It was an intense grueling game that came to the wire with the bench coming strong in crucial moments . Mike Miller continues to deliver with his 3s just like in the Finals last year and is so special to witness how motivated he his to win another title plus being healthy for the first time in three years. The Birdman has been spectacular these past months and I truly believe he has helped the heat through out the 27 winning streak and with his trademark in attacking the rim and the ability to jump high to contest a dunk from Lebron.

That is the type of year it has been for the champion Miami Heat. Making history in the franchise and in the league with 66 wins in the regular season. A winning streak that everyone was rooting for them to break but came short in the end and the Lakers once again is the only team to win 33 consecutive wins .

The Heat benched continue to impress the fans with an exciting win over the Cavaliers 96-95 with a road win. What a performance by Norris Cole from three pointers, lay ups and easy buckets to the game winning steal. His best performance of the year with no fear of scoring in traffic or making a heroic steal at the end to win the game for the Heat. On the previous play he had missed two crucial free throws that could had jeopardize the game and Norris made it up on defense by stealing the ball from Kyrie Irving. He clearly was mad for missing the free throws and like a true professional player he is he did not give up on the play.

He is an important part of team and they are going to need his passion and quickness in the first round of the playoffs in order to get an early lead in the game. I am excited to see the Heat in their playoff mode with the focus and desire to destroy each opponent they face.The first game of the playoffs is on Sunday at 7pm in the AAA against the Bucks and the White Hot Heat fans are ready to cheer for the champions.


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