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Second time around with the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Final

Lebron James

Once again the Heat are facing the Pacers in the Conference finals on Wednesday . The series hasn’t started yet and there is off the court drama going on. The Pacers Coach Vogel said ” they’re just another team” . The media went crazy with the news and the players like Lebron James had to speak on the matter. ” If we are just another team , you really don’t prepare for just another team. You have to prepare for us” This is the type of intensity these two teams have even before facing each other. The media, teams and fans have the tendency of trashing the Miami Heat with every win, struggle, triumph, loss etc.. Why they always have to prove themselves to the sports world?

Is it because of the celebration in 2010 when the big three was created? Perhaps yes however the media and the fans have to get over it and surpass that small mistake they made in the beginning. They have come a long way as a team and they are closer together as a family as a unit that is why nobody can bring them down. Not even the intense series with the Chicago Bulls who had players ejected like Noah, Mohammed and Gibon would break the Heat bond they have. The Pacers series is no different it will as intense or even more than the Bulls series. They got a taste of the Heat in last years playoff games and the Heat are stronger than ever this year. With Lebron improving his game to a higher level and getting better as a post player is evident the Heat are the team to beat ” not just another team ”

Acquiring Chris Andersen was the biggest and best decision they made this year with his style of playing of toughness and passion . The Heat and Pacers match up well with their aggressive type of play especially having the ” Birdman” fighting for rebounds in both side of the court. It’s going to be the series to watch and I am predicting the Heat will win it in 6 games that’s how tough it’s going to be.


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