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Heat vs Spurs in the 2013 NBA finals

Heat vs Spurs in the 2013 NBA finals

For the third time in a row the Miami Heat are heading to the NBA Finals. The first year was vs the Dallas Mavericks and they lost in a disappointing way and the big three players Blame themselves in not playing into their potential of basketball. Lebron, Wade and Bosh worked so hard over the summer of 2011 to improve in their individual game plus making the team better overall. Needless to say the hard work paid off and the Heat were in the NBA finals once again vs OKC in 2012. Lebron was spectacular and the 15 strong as Coach Spoelstra called them went on to win their second championship in franchise history. This was Lebron’s first ring and he was named the regular season MVP and the Finals MVP.

The third appearance in the Finals is this week June 6th vs the San Antonio Spurs and the Heat have another challenge ahead of them to overcome. Last night the Miami Heat closed out the Competitive Indiana Pacers in Game 7 to advance to the NBA Finals. The most grueling series I have witness as a fan of the Heat no only not able to cover Hibbert but not playing to their potential as the defending champions. The big three not playing well together from Bosh and Wade struggling through out six games of the series and Lebron doing the work for the team made the series even harder for the Heat. Not having a supporting cast to support Lebron who was beyond amazing couldn’t win as a ” one man show” he needed his teammates to come through for him. From Ray Allen struggling from the three-point line since April to Wade and Bosh not making shots and not going to the paint against the dominating Hibbert who was a monster covering the paint for his team.

The only contribution Lebron got was in Game 3 were Haslem came through with major points and was able to defend Hibbert and double team him so he wouldn’t get easy basketball under the rim. Another major factor was Chris “Birdman Andersen who was 18 for 18 FG in the post season not only was he scoring but fighting for rebounds in both sides of the court. That helped the Heat win game 3. The heat struggled to defend the young Pacers team with Paul George who was phenomenal In the three-point line who was unstoppable until Game 5 were the Heat defended him well and he struggle. George Hill, Stephenson and West were amazing knowing how to stop the Heat from scoring not to mention they were stronger and bigger than the entire Heat roster that’s why it went to 7 games. Game 7 the Heat came in with a winning mentality being aggressive from the start. Wade going to the paint to score was a progress getting the ball from the beginning was a good sign. Bosh being aggressive crashing the boards was another good sign for the Heat.

That’s the support Lebron has been talking about all series and he got it from his teammates in game 7. Even the struggling Ray Allen was contributing with three pointers as well as Birdman returning from his suspension who was defending Hibbert and made some important rebounds offensively and defensively. The Heat forced the Pacers to get 15 turnovers in the half and as well as out rebound the Pacers which helped the Heat to dominate the game with a convincing win in game 7.

The Spurs are bigger than the Pacers we will see how the Heat defend a great veteran team on Thursday June 6 at 9:00pm.


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