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Is Birdman coming back to the Heat?

Chris Andersen better known as the ” the Birdman ” will he be returning to the Heat? The Heat have a deadline to exercise his option. I truly believe he deserves to comeback to the Heat’s roaster he helped them during the playoffs big time with his blocks and shoots from the paint. He also gave them energy defensively which is what they needed and what they were lacking from Haslem as one of the important defensively role he has. That is the question the fans are asking. He is a fan favorite ever since he sign a 10 day contract in the beginning of the year. From his stylish Mohawk to his tattoos and his incredible energy on and off the court. He became of one the fan favorite immediately and the fans have embraced him as part of the Miami Heat family. He is one of the top defensive players in the league. Surprisingly he helped the Heat offensively with dunks and points from the paint. He was the top scorer in the playoffs when the Heat needed points from the bench and he delivered. The playoff series against the Indiana Pacers he was 18 of 18 from FG he had a streak going and when Lebron couldn’t score or saw a teammate open Birdman was right there to shoot or dunk.

There are many highlights from February till now were Birdman scored from a ally hoop from Lebron one of the most amazing moments to watch as a fan. Those are moments I cherish as a fan and with is trademark move swinging his arms as if he is flying like a bird everyone started doing that when he scored. I personally hope the Heat will make the right decision and sign him for next season he is a huge part of the Heat and they will need him so he can defend the top centers and power forwards in the league. What I admire the most about him he is fearless he has not afraid to endure the big moments and he is willing to put his body on the line to help his team no matter what it takes. Just like Haslem he will protect his teammates when they need him the most. Will the Heat resign the Birdman for the 2013-2014 season?


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