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One Shoe -No problem -Mike Miller

It has been a surprising offseason for the NBA this year from the trade-deadlines that shocked the fans and analysts to the Miami Heat using the Amnesty on Mike Miller. The Miami Heat had no choice but to waive Mike Miller to save money to acquire other key players to the roster. The Heat are currently looking into signing Greg Oden and “Tim Hardaway stated if the Heat sign him they will win a third straight title” . When the news came out that the Heat waive Mike Miller I was upset at first, sad, devastated and disappointed that he was leaving the team not by choice. One of the top Heat players that helped the team win two championships in a row. In the 2012 championship run vs the Oklahoma Thunders he scored 7 three-pointers in game 6 and the Heat ended up winning the game and in my opinion Mike Miller was the MVP of the game. What a spectacular game he had and he finally got the respect he deserved with an injured back and knee.

This championship run wasn’t any different for Mike Miller he delivered for his team when they needed him the most versus the Spurs. Mike Milker in game 6 vs the Spurs in the 4th quarter he did not have time to tied his shoes so he threw the shoe to the Heat bench and he scored a three-pointer without one shoe. ” As Jeff Vangundy stated shoes are overrated” . What an unbelievable moment for him and the Heat. A crucial moment for the Heat since they were down and once again Mike Miller delivered. The Spurs were up 77-73 by the end of the one shoe three-pointer. One of the most humble athletes delivers in big games and the lime light doesn’t get to his head. He plays for the love of the game and is a great teammate which is why he is one of my favorite players in the league and I will miss his presence on the floor representing the Miami Heat organization.

The Memphis Grizzlies are gaining a key three point player to their roster this season. They are privilege to have an amazing person, teammate and athlete. I truly believe they will be better offensively this year having Mike Miller on the team perhaps they will surpass the hump and make it further to the playoffs . I wish Mike Miller all the best in Memphis and I will miss him tremendously .


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