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Second chance for Michael Beasley and the Miami Heat

Michael Beasley

News broke today the Heat are resigning forward Michael Beasley and are giving him a second chance to showcase his talent with no drama outside of the court. Are the Miami Heat taking a risk by resigning him knowing the struggles he has with drugs? In my opinion everyone deserves a second chance and is a good move by the Heat to take they did the same with the second most popular Heat player Chris ” Birdman ” Andersen  who has also been in trouble with addition to drugs and he overcame his struggles with drugs and now he  won a championship with the team. By releasing Mike Miller which he is irreplaceable in my book, Beasley can help in the paint and with his shooting range.

In 2008 when the Heat drafted Beasley the number 2 pick in the draft had his best two years with the Heat then he was traded to Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010 and then was signed by Phoenix Suns as a free agent. I can say he was one of my favorite players in 2008 I  even purchased his jersey his style of play caught my attention and he was aggressive in the paint that helped the Heat win games in 2008. A power forward that can easily help the heat score more points and help in the rebound department. By acquiring him it will help Lebron James take less minutes and James can rest more and be active when he is needed. The grueling minutes James and Dwayne Wade took this season in the playoffs while Wade being injured with his bruised knee they both deserved to rest more this upcoming season so they can be fresh when the season starts.


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