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The Miami Heat resign Norris Cole for two more seasons

Norris Cole crossover move on Derrick Rose

News broke this week Norris Cole contract for 2014-15 season has been exercised by the Miami Heat for $2 million dollars. Two more season for Cole to be  part of a championship organization many say he is lucky  to win  multiple championships in his second year in the league and  not many professional athletes get a chance to win a ring their first year of playing in the NBA and Cole had that privilege . What an honor for him to have experience two championship runs and not only be a part of it but was a major factor on this year run for the finals.  One of the greatest  moments  was in the ChIcago Bulls series scoring most of the points when the team needed him the most. A fearless player who can score, defend and has a good shooting range.

The Heat made a wise choice by keeping Cole in the roster which he is not only going to help the team in big moments but also having another key player to help them score throughout the season. He has proven to be a responsible player on and off the court who also help the community in Miami and Ohio. A hard worker who is willing to improve on his game and make the team better by watching videos of the previous games and is always making himself a better player. Each game and season his shoots has improved and he is becoming a key player that Lebron James and Dwayne Wade can rely on win big games which Cole is capable of delivering. I honestly believe that is why the Miami Heat signed him for another season due to his improvement , desire and discipline towards the team. What an unbelievable young player who acts mature for his young years and I can honestly say that rarely happens in a professional sport. As a fan I was ecstatic when the news broke the Heat resign Cole for two more seasons and hopefully many years to come. He is the future point guard for the Heat and can easily take Mario Chalmers spot at any moment in this season and has done it in previous seasons. I respect a player who is willing to put effort and most importantly who has no fear to make a shot, run through the paint or who is not afraid to pass the ball to open teammates. He is so young but driven to make his team the number one contender for the title which the Heat are defending their title this season 2013-2014. The sports world will be on their toes to see Cole’s future with the Heat.


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