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Happy Thanksgiving to the Miami Heat fans

Lebron James

I wanted to wish all of the Miami Heat fans a Happy Thanksgiving with their love ones. It has been an amazing season so far for the Heat and today its a special day for Lebron James and Norris Cole who get to spend their holiday at home in Cleveland. What an amazing opportunity for both James and Cole to share with their families and friends. Heat fans, we are in  Cleveland Cavaliers  tonight at 7:30pm make sure to cheer for the beloved Heat. As Lebron stated on Social Media he is hosting a thanksgiving dinner for his teammates at his beautiful Ohio home what a generous human being to open his doors to all of his teammates and have food to provide them with. As fans we should be thankful to have a well equipped team and to have the most humble players in the league, it’s so nice to see Lebron, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Cole, Shane Battier that is to name a few who  give to the Miami Dade community and their home towns.

They truly care about the fans and that is rare in the sports world to see an entire team give their fans so much love and help the ones in need. 15 strong athletes who do not have one single bone of malice or conceited and that is a blessing to witness. We should be thankful to have an amazing organization in Miami and celebrated with them every single game. I am a proud fan of the Heat and I will continue to be no matter what their record is or if they do not win another championship. Their accomplishments do not define them their character does. Go Heat get a win tonight.


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