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What did the Miami Heat fans think of the Christmas Day sleeve Jersey?

Miami Heat On Christmas Day the NBA league debuted the new sleeves Jersey for the entire nation to watch. At first I was skeptical  looking at the new jersey on  Christmas day but they grew on me as I watched more game throughout the day. What did the Miami Heat fans think of the new sleeves jersey?  Did you like it or hate it? Can it be a future trend for the NBA? I have to admit it was  a decent look for most of the players,  great fit, not baggy and covered the tattoos for most of the players. It looked elegant, and appealing to the audience.

Don’t get me wrong I love the art of tattoo’s however it doesn’t look appealing at times they appear to look like  street ballers instead of professional NBA players  no offense to the  street ballers.

What I admired the most is the bright red Christmas color such a stand out color that is brilliant to showcase at games. Another good trait is the individual number on the side of the jersey and having the Heat logo on the front of the jersey. Very neat look I may say.  I was appalled ” Chad Ochocinco Johnson” mentioned on Twitter, ” if  the jersey the players were wearing on Christmas day have them for kids size. ” That is how much of an impact the new sleeves jersey made on Christmas day.

Will they wear it for future games? Will shall see and I can  guesstimate the majority of the fans loved the new look.

What did you guys think? Yay or Nay?


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