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Mario Chalmers: Is he an elite point guard for the Miami Heat?

Miami Heat

There has been numerous of occasions Mario Chalmers has committed stupid/dumb fouls that have cause the games for the Miami Heat. The most recent incident happen with the Sacramento Kings  a thrilling game that ended in Overtime in favor of the Kings. He committed a flagrant foul after pushing DeMarcus Cousins  because of  that careless foul by Chalmers the Heat ended up in Overtime when they had a chance to win the game. Those are the moments as a fan that rings a bell and creates doubt in Chalmers as a point guard for the Heat. The question is, will he ever be a great leader and point guard for the Heat to keep in the future? Great leaders or point guards do not commit so many dumb fouls that is going to cause friction between the star players and  games on the line.

I truly do not believe he is yet to be a true point guard in the league, he is a shooter but has not perfected his overall game defensively and offensively helping his teammate  become better. He started so well his rookie year with scoring, passing and being one of the best guards in steals.  It baffles me how arrogant he has become as a person and a  layer he can be conceited during games pushing and fouling players for no necessary reason.

As we seen  at times even Lebron James gets frustrated with him for dumb gestures and bad attitude however later on James apologize for yelling at him during a time out and stating it was his wrong for doing that. That goes to show you what a true leader and captain does for the team.

Yes Chalmers is a shooter and can shoot every game and steal from time to time but the fame and few championship wins has gotten to him in my opinion. Can he be consistent each game? Is he the elite point guard for the Heat?  The issue with Chalmers and committing fouls is on defense he gets beat all the time so therefore he fouls to catch up.

I am surprised Coach Erik Spoelstra does not start Norris Cole instead of Chalmers in the point guard position. Cole is a more effective guard, passes, scores, runs the offense better than Chalmers  and comites less fouls. Another great trait about Cole he is faster on defense and actually plays defense on their opponents.

Will the Heat keep Chalmers in the future or go with Cole in the point guard position?


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