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Andrew Bynum: Will he end up a Miami Heat?


Andrew Bynum

It has been a busy week with the trade date line and rumors are swirling Andrew Bynum might come to the Miami Heat and the heat are one of the few teams in the talks. Many fans have expressed their opinion about the potential signing and like myself is upsetting to hear and read. None of the heat fans want Bynum to come to a well put together team that has already establish a brother hood chemistry that nobody can break.

The thought of Bynum potentially in talks with the heat is upsetting as a fan, he is full of drama, doesn’t take his career seriously,  he absorb media attention and what it appears to be is all about the money. A player who once had his career in full force and won a championship with the  Los Angeles Lakers has become a player that everyone hates to play with or to interact with. He has expressed several times he does not like the game of basketball anymore, so therefore why would teams invest time and money on a player who only cares about the money?

He has forgotten the principal and why he become a professional basketball player. It’s sad to see players like him because he has so much potential to be a great center in the league and unfortunately he is not the only player who only plays for the money not the love of the game.

Millions of heat fans will not welcome him if he ends up coming to Miami, he doesn’t fit the program no matter how much the heat are in need of a center post player.

Nothing has been decided yet so we shall see how the Bynum drama unfolds?


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