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Miami Heat: How many Heat fans would stay if Lebron and Wade leave?

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Miami Heat fans are known as bandwagons across the world. It’s a bit embarrassing as a true loyal fan to hear from NBA Analyst to NBA fans that heat fans only cheer for the team when is winning once there is a slight of weakness from the team the fans bail on the team. Perfect example is game 6 of the finals vs the San Antonio Spurs at home and the Heat were trailing in the last minute of the game. It seems the Heat was going to lose the game and the title. Thousands of fans left the building in the middle of the game and giving up on the team because they were trailing. The Heat never gave up on themselves and their teammates, but their “so call fans “did.

A miraculous play happens in the last minute of the game and a crucial rebound by Chris Bosh, who pass the ball to an open Ray Allen who made a three point shot and tied the game. The thousands of fans who left the arena quickly realized the Heat had tied the game and wanted to come back inside the arena however the security guards did not allow them to come in and they definitely regret leaving in the first place. The fans leaving was all over the news, social media, the newspaper once the heat won game 6 and got a chance to play in game 7 of the finals.

That news was so embarrassing it showed that the heat fans are real bandwagons and the critics are right about their assumption. What would happen to the heat fans if Lebron James and Dwyane  Wade leave the team? Will 100 fans be left? How many fans will truly stay if the two superstars left? Personally, I am a diehard fan, I will continue to cheer and support my team no matter if James and Wade leave the team. It will be a devastating moment for the entire heat nation, heat fans and the city of Miami however basketball is a business and there is a chance they will leave or stay no one knows. It’s going to be a tough decision to make if that happens.

We have to move on as fans and then we will see who are the true loyal heat fans. Is the nature of sports, players getting traded, release with or without their will and is out of our control as fans. My experience living in Miami, my guesstimate will be the majority of the ” so call heat fans” will abandon the team and cheer for a winning team instead of staying loyal to the team that has done tremendous things for the city and winning three championships.

How many Heat fans would stay if Lebron and Wade leave?

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