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Miami Heat: Joel Anthony throughout the years as a Miami Heat

Joel Anthony

Breaking news in the new year for the Miami Heat. The Heat traded 7 season player Joel Anthony to the Boston Celtics. The trade was between the Celtics, Golden State Warriors and the Heat. Anthony has been with the Heat for seven seasons and was loved by the fans, and the heat organization years of hard work and development. He played big time minutes for the heat when they needed him the most, two years he earned his starting minutes and made crucial  blocks in games. Even though he was not the most talented player, he worked hard, was ready when his number was called.

What an unbelievable person always smiling, a good teammate and a kind hearted person to have as a teammate. Unfortunately the last two championships he did not get much playing time due to the fact the heat where on a quest to win championships with tough teams who gave the heat some challenge with speed and shooters. They could have used him more for rebounds and blocks, however, they did not want to risk losing to the tough teams.

It all depended on the teams they faced who earned the starting line up and Coach Spoelstra started the best line up for teams like Indiana Pacers who are young,  have speed and can shoot. That is one of the reasons in my opinion Anthony did not get to play much because of his lack of speed. Great years for Anthony, who learn so much and improved offensively with the help of incredible Coaches who help him develop his free throws and jumpers.

He became one of the top blockers and Rebounders for the heat throughout the years and those are the factors he will be missed for. Anthony throughout the years as a Miami Heat was a great run and we wish him well in his journey with the Celtics.


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