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Miami Heat: 2014 All-Star weekend Shooting Stars Chris Bosh winning two years in a row

Team Bosh

The 2014 All-Star weekend is in full effect and it came down to the Sears Shooting Starts event for a member of the Miami Heat to win it for the second year in a row Team Bosh known as Chris Bosh.  Team Bosh included the legendary Dominique Wilkins and super star WNBA Swin Cash and both helped team Bosh win it for the 2nd year in a row. What a pure excitement to see Bosh win an event at the 2014 All-Star weekend once again with a half court shot which he made two for his team to win the trophy.

Yearly events for the NBA where the superstars get voted by the fans and let loose and have a ball with their fellow colleagues. It’s an exciting time of the year for the NBA fans that get to watch the players give to charity and have fun for a three day event.

An athlete who doesn’t get the respect he deserves in the regular and post season. Many fans and analyst do not see the vale and importance Bosh brings to the Heat, by doing the dirty work, which includes rebounds, assist, blocks, and when he is on offensively nobody can stop him hence his half court shots to win it all.

Once again, he has to prove everyone wrong that he can deliver and can do it consecutive and consistently. Why most Bosh has to always prove wrong the critics? He is in the NBA for his talents not by luck or chance,  one of the things that upset me as a fan of the Bosh and Heat, he never gets enough credit for his talent.

The last two championships Bosh was a huge part why they won in 2013, a critical rebound that landed one of the best three point shots in a game 6 of the finals by his teammate Ray Allen. The fans still don’t give him enough respect or credit for his efforts. That is why I was ecstatic to see when his team won the Shooting Stars title last night at the All-Star weekend in New Orleans.

Give credit where credit is due.  


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