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Miami Heat: Lebron James Broken Nose Fiasco


Lebron Mask

On Thursday night February 20, 2014 the Miami Heat faced the Oklahoma Thunder anticipated game that both fans were thrilled to watch knowing the top two teams that most likely will face in the NBA finals this year. No offense to the Indiana Pacers fans  who are the number 1 seed in the east with the Heat trailing by few games. This is the match up everyone wants to see. It was a great game until LeBron James, nose was broken even though the Heat won the game the broken nose fiasco was the talk of the town, league and the media made it a bigger deal than James made it to be.

Basketball is a contact sport, injuries will occur from time and it’s not whether the referee are in favor of James like fans and the media speculate. Many fans say James can’t be touched, hit or slap because the referee will call the foul on the opponent team. Many refer to it when Michael Jordan was playing in the league one blow in the arm or an elbow the referee would call it automatically.  In my opinion is not even an issue many players and teams have the intention to hurt James elbow, push whatever it takes to take him down and knock him down  out of his game.  Is just the nature of the sport because he is the number one player in the league and is only natural to go after the best of the best. It’s not in malice is just part of the game.

It became one of the most talked about incident in the league for few weeks and many fans were anticipating what the mask would look like.  Many basketball players have encounter broken noses like Kobe Bryant and Richard Hamilton who made his signature look  with the face mask for many years till today and never encounter the media fiasco like James did.  The two are no comparison at all however the media should not make a broken nose a publicity stunt to hype the NBA league and fans.




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