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Miami Heat: Miami Heat Haters vs Bandwagons

There will always be haters and bandwagons in the sports world. The difference between the two is, a hater is someone who dislikes a certain team or player and most of the time is for no particular reason. A bandwagon is a person who likes, admires, cheers and roots for a team because of a super star player who now joined a popular team for example , Miami Heat , Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs etc… From the moment Lebron James made the “Decision ” to take his talent to “South Beach ” in the summer of 2010 and since then more haters have been vocal on how much they hate James because he decided to leave Cleveland Cavaliers. I believe the bandwagons have left the American Airlines Arena and for good. Now when can see who are the loyal Heat fans and appreciate the team  for what it brings to the fans instead of one single individual who took over the team. How many Miami Heat haters are still left? James left, now what happens to the haters ? Who dislike the team because of James was in a Heat uniform? They are also gone, the American Airlines Arena looks less crowded now and that is okay because now you can tell the difference between the loyal fans to the bandwagons. It has been a tough season for the Miami Heat ups and downs throughout the beginning of the season, making minor changes here and there and so far nothing has worked in their favor. Even though it’s the beginning of the season and they are in a rebuilding mode however I still believe they can make it to the playoffs if everyone is healthy and in good shape to endure the back to back games.

Are you a Heat hater or Bandwagon? Who stayed and who left?

Chris Bosh Heat Lifer

Chris Bosh Heat Lifer





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