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Miami Heat: Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets

Another night for the Miami Heat nation to play against a good team like the Houston Rockets. The rockets are dominating the game with a first half high score 61 to 49. What will it take for the Heat to come back and win and beat the rockets? The points in the paint have to be less in the third quarter.

Defend Dwight Howard and protect the pain in order for the heat to end with a win. 38 points in the paint for the Houston Rockets in the first half and the points continue for the Rockets having the biggest lead yet. The Heat are not doing a good job in defending the paint and struggling offensively with careless turnovers. The Houston are faster and have the desire to beat the heat in their home court.

The Heat look lost and not together on offense not knowing what to do and what play to run. They haven’t figure it out on offense who should do what, it does not look good for the heat and the rockets keep scoring and playing as a team. Brilliant team ball by the Rockets.

The Miami Heat bench hustle more than the starters and finally got some points on the board however it was too late the Rockets kept scoring and scoring even with their bench on the court. Another tough loss for the Miami Heat.

The Rockets won 115-79

Will the Miami Heat make the playoffs? Will they make a come back run before the All-Star break?


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