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Miami Heat: Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Clippers

The Miami Heat are leading the Los Angeles  Clippers 62-53 in the first half and the rookie Hassan Whiteside is leading the heat with a double. Will Whiteside make a difference in the Heat’s win tonight? The heat have struggle more this season since 2007 and they are trying to figure out what works for the team in order to make the playoffs this season. Will defense make a difference in today’s game? The heat do not protect the paint and that is how they lose ball games, now the score is 66-57 that means the clippers score 4 points since half time.  Their defense has gone down since LeBron James left the team, not fast enough to stop teams in the paint. Crucial rebounds have been the difference in today’s game, the heat are not known for rebounds defensively or offensively however today has made a huge difference in their lead vs the Clippers. Whiteside keeps dominating on both side of the court and that is exactly what the Heat needed , a center who can help them constantly on scoring and setting blocks. The heat  are up 15 because of key rebounds by Whiteside and the ball going in on offense. Whiteside with 23 points 16  rebounds is why the heat won. Great game overall by the heat alongside rookie center Whiteside . Final score 104-90 Heat won.




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