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What is the difference between Male and Female Basketball Coaches?

I have been a basketball Coach for four years now and it has not been an easy route as a female Coach however it has been a great challenge to have in my life. It all started in November of 2011 when I joined a league called I9 sports and I signed up as a Volunteer Basketball Coach for Saturday games. I told myself what is something different I can do in my life that would make a difference? That is when it click, you love basketball and you love kids. It was a scary moment because I never Coached a team before or spoke to kids about how to run practice or teaching them how do a lay-up or shooting form etc. The passion I had for basketball helped me grow as a Coach and as a mentor for these kids and it helped me grow as a person as well. For those who know me personally I was a very shy girl growing up and I could barely look at a person in their eyes without getting red, so taking control of a team of kids was a challenge and a big deal. It help me face my fears of being shy and to speak in public while 5-10 kids listening  to what I was teaching them. I will never forget the joy and happiness it brought to my life and spirit, the passion I had as a Coach help me realize I should pursue Coaching as a permanent hobby or job one day.

The passion for Coaching kids grew there at I9 sports and I was in pure joy dreaming one day I will Coach in the high school level. I knew it was a tough challenge ahead not only for myself but as female Coach. How much respect will I get from little boys being Coached by a female Coach? What would the kids think of me? How much knowledge do the kids think I know? Am I a good Coach? Many questions that came through my mind as every game or practice went on. Being a female Coach is not the most easy job to have but is the most exciting, thrilling, challenging and joyful job to have because at the end of the day its all about the kids. Once the kids saw I was able to teach them the skills, drills and talk to them with self-confidence they grew to love me as a Coach, they did not see the gender they just saw a Coach who cared about them and uplifted them to do their best at all times.  In the male Coaches perspective they get the respect immediately from the kids and parents. As the years went by I found out that is not about the gender but about how much you can impact the lives of the kids through sports.

Male Coaches get it easier at first but then kids grow to love the person you are not because you are a male or female.

My dream came true of becoming a High School Coach in October of 2013 and I was hire as the Head Junior Varsity Basketball Coach for Miami Coral Park Senior High School. I was  a Ram once again, attending the high school as a student in 1995-1999.

What is the difference between Male and Female Basketball Coaches?


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