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Miami Heat: Trade deadline sent Norris Cole to the Pelicans

Norris Cole

The Miami Heat made their trade deadline yesterday sending four players and acquiring three. One of the four players that was traded is Norris Cole one of the most fearless point guard that listens to his teammates and Coach. He was always willing to learn and become a better player, teammate and leader. One of the few players to win a championship in his rookie year when the Miami Heat won a championship in 2012. What a blessing and honor to win a ring right away. As a heat fan I am sad to see him go and not able to see him in a heat uniform. One of my favorite players and now he is gone. He contributed to the team in his three years on the team even hitting winning buckets during the playoffs. He became an important role  for the heat when Mario Chalmers was missing in action during the 2014 playoffs and finals and Cole step it up for the sake of the team. One of the fan favorites and he prove it in yesterday’s game when the Pelicans were visiting his former team at the American Airline Arena. What an honor for the fans to give Cole a standing ovation and give him so much love and appreciation.

In a news conference Coach Spoelstra was conducting he stated ” Norris Cole is one my favorite players” It was an amazing tribute they had for Cole at yesterday’s game and his former teammates embracing him as well as his Coaches. It was weird to see him in the Pelicans uniform however basketball has become a business and some things are not in the teams control when it comes to trading valuable players. Coach Spoelstra went even further stating “its weird to see Norris Cole in a Pelican uniform however its business and it needs to be done”

Cole will forever be family and its hard to see him in another team. Seeing him perform his best as he usually does it was a great feeling to have because I wish him nothing but the best. At some point I was cheering for him when he made some buckets realizing that I was happy he was playing well regardless of what team he is on. He had extra energy at the game  showing off to his former team as if saying “you guys are missing out and you should have not traded me.”

Unfortunately for the Heatnation the Pelicans came out victorious winning the game 105-91

Wishing Norris Cole the best and I will forever be a fan.

Norris Cole

Norris Cole

Norris Cole

Norris Cole


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