Coral Park Girls Basketball Team

How to inspire and pump up your JV team after a tough season?

Let me introduce myself my name is Silvia Guevara better known as Coach Guevara and I have been a basketball coach for 4 years and half. I started as a volunteer basketball Coach in i9 sports. I became the Head JV Basketball Coach at Miami Coral Park in 2013, It was a great challenge for me as well as an excitement and I became a better person and Coach because of it. This 2014-2015 was a quite a challenge and a great experience as a Coach, I learn a lot of lessons through the obstacles, ups and downs in the season and Coaching 10 different personalities.

It was a rough season but every practice and game I looked at it as a new day and another opportunity to get better. As positive as I can be in practice and in games there was set backs along the way it became harder and harder but I still had hopes that we can get better by the end of the season. This year’s record was more loss than wins which it was the reciprocal of my first year as a Coach. I was not used to the defeat, the let down of the girls not being content with the season and the girls not having fun overall. We tried everything possible to motivate them and nothing was working in our favor.

Coming back from the winter break in the first practice of 2015, I told my girls let’s start the new year on a good note and let’s forget about last year record, lack of communication and overall team behavior. 2014 is behind us and it’s not important, the only thing I am asking from you girls if we play better as a team, have fun and end on a good note. The beginning of the new year started a little rocky however we found the way to play better and communicate better.

We had a game against Slam for the second time in the season and the girls were confident and ready to play, the game was neck to neck and the girls were playing well in the first two quarters and Slam was not giving up and were playing good defense. There was a point in the game we were up by 2 or by 4 however Slam always found a way to come back. At the end of the 4th quarter the best team won and Slam beat us by a few points.

We had beating them in the first meeting we had with them. We saw an improvement towards the end of the season and we were having fun as a team. Remember what I said in the beginning on the new year ” We are going to end on a good note no matter what” Indeed we did.

In the last game of the season we were facing a district school Braddock high school, the girls were doing their usual warm up and a 1 minute left before the game started I gather the girls and spoke to them and told them, all I want from you girls today is to have ” Fun” that is all I am asking of you girls. Have fun and play basketball. Amazing how one word can change the mindset of young girls and kids.

That is all it took for them to play their best game of the season and at the end won the game with pride, confidence and most importantly had fun. They were smiling from ear to ear during the game, play as a team, communicated and they never gave up because of how much fun they were having.

The lesson here is to never give up on your team even if you are losing all of the games, obstacles along the way, ups and downs with your players, at the end of the day all it matters, if the girls are having fun while playing the game of basketball. That is how you inspired your team after a tough season.

I miss Coaching the girls already, waiting for the new season to start. Through wins and losses you can see the type of person you are and the type of person you can become.

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