Friday's Short Stories

Why do kids join sports?

ConedrillsWhy do Kids join sports? Was is  it about indoor/outdoor activities that they  gravitate towards? It’s a simple reason it’s all about the fun in sports and playing with their friends.

I can recall like it was yesterday getting excited to play outside with my two brothers, younger sister and neighborhood friends to play tennis, hide-and-seek, softball, soccer, football etc. It was pure joy to interact and enjoy each others company while being active. Start them young so they can have a sense of living an active life when they become adults it also gives them a ton of memories as adults. I will never forget those memories joining organize sports in Middle and High school and also playing outdoors with friends.

As a young girl I did it for the pure joy and fun of the game also being competitive in a fun way not in a malicious way. We come from an athletic background and learning to be the best at all time but also do it for the passion of the sport. My two brothers, younger sister and I were always playing sports and joining sports in school, we always made the team no matter what sport it was because we did with pride and passion.

My younger sister was the number one cross-country runner in Middle school and even though I was not a long distance runner I did not give up and I never quit because I was not the best I kept going and looked up to my younger sister.  My sister and I tried out for the basketball team at the same time we both made the team and we were in the starting lineup because we did it with pride and passion. My twin brother also made his basketball team and was the starting line up. My sister and I tried out for the softball team and made the team ,we did it with pride and passion. Even though I was not the best offensive player in the softball team I was a great defender. All of my siblings were better than me when it came to being athletic however I never quit never gave up and did it with passion. We all have a passion for sports and you may ask why did we join sports because of the joy  and meeting new friends.

We continue to play sports in High school and both my sister and I join the basketball team and made the team. We continue to love the sport and being on a team sport. My twin brother join the football team and played all four years of high school  and was one of the best wide receivers on the team he continue his football journey in FIU however it was cut short due to family priority. We all love the intensity, enthusiasm, competitiveness, teamwork and fun of the sport. That is the reason why kids join sports.

I continue my journey and passion of sports by becoming a basketball coach and I have seen it all as a Coach from parents not supporting kids and yelling at them to parents that let the kids be kids and let them have fun instead of competing all of the time.

Very important to let kids join sports for the joy,happiness and fun of the game not because you are forcing them. My parents never forced us to play sports, we just enjoy playing outdoors and playing against friends and family.

They will thank you later on in life. Kids who join sports perform better in school, eat better and focus better overall.

Coach Guevara


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