Shineyshoop Basketball program

Why an hour practice is sufficient for young kids?

CB Smith Park

As a proud owner of @shineyshoop basketball program I can a test that an hour of basketball practice is sufficient for any age group from 5 to 16 years old boys/girls. My mission is to have a full on 30 minutes of warm up and drill practice for the day and then 30 minutes of fun games and friendly competitions. This motto has benefited the player and the Coach. What I have seen over the past two months doing this method is kids have fun while sweating, learning and becoming better athletes. 30 minutes of circuit training, drills and exercise will take your kids to next  level mentally and physically.

Is something new I started and has work so far, I enjoy kids putting work, having the drive and desire to become better that day and to push themselves to their limit. It’s not only a basketball practice but a way for them to stay active and do the exercise of the day.  The key to becoming a mentor and Coach is mixing the drills, asking the kids for creative ways they can practice the drills, make the drills fun for their level and most importantly listen to them. Listen to what their weakness and strengths are, how they are doing in school? What they think they need  work on?

That is key that is coming from their perspective and you are showing as a Coach that you care about their feelings and needs.

Till next time , see you at a court near you

Coach Guevara


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