Basketball News

New Media: SPM Week 4



Picture 1:

This is a photo of a NBA basketball, Tennis balls and cones to practice with during basketball practice.This first photo can be use to spark the interest of youth kids to start joining sports and learning how to use the cones, tennis balls and a youth basketball to practice with during the session.

Picture 2:

Is a photograph of an NBA youth basketball to be used in Facebook to promote my youth basketball business program to my target audience of 5-16 years old boys/girls. This status can be seen publicly  and the post can be share by any member of my circle. It’s a great way to promote youth sports across the state and city. Also using the #Hashtags in order to reach the audience quicker and easier. #youthsports #Fitnesskids #Basketball #Hoops. It can also capture the parents  attention and engage in more information about the basketball program. I can be reach at for locations and time.

Picture 3:

This photograph of the Adidas soccer shoes is so powerful to be used on Twitter right now since the #CopaAmerica is impacting all of the soccer fanatics across the globe. Everybody is on top of the games and scores from international to here in the United States. It’s a popular sport and by tweeting the picture of the soccer shoes and using hashtags like #soccer #futbol it will spark a conversation with all of the soccer fans immediately.  A question can be added in the Tweet, Who do you think will win the #CopaAmerica? Any Argentina fans out there? Twitter is a great platform to use to start any sport conversation and the experts, fans and writers will tweet right away to any interesting topic in regards to the soccer games.  Many fans are also watching the Women’s World cup and rooting for USA team who qualified for the semifinals. A great media to use in sports.


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