Shineyshoop Basketball program

Why is important to help local businesses?

Shineyshoop basketball session with Tevon

Being a Mentor/Coach having my own Basketball program I learn so much from my failures and victories.  Seeing how parents embrace my basketball program and see the value in my mission to help kids in life and in basketball. Fitness is a vital topic in my program and I  add fitness exercises during the warm up.  I enjoy seeing the kids in my program get fit and healthier every single practice. I have gain the respect of many families around Broward and Miami, the parents and kids love my program and they gain confidence in their game by the end of the sessions.

It is very important we keep local and small business like my program striving and growing. The results will be great not only are you helping the business grow and grow and make a difference in the community but also you are helping 100s of kids stay fit, in shape and create good habits while they are young. You are helping the sports community and making a difference in kids lives, they will thank the mentor/coach/parent in the long run, ” Thank you mom and dad for enrolling me in a sports program when I was young” ”  Kids perform better in school when they join sports” Kids are curious and adventures and they join a sport not knowing much and not knowing how much they will like it or not.  We have to support small and local business so we can create a community of kids who love fitness, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

As a mentor/coach I teach about fitness plus basketball fundamentals and is my assignment in life to teach kids about the importance of doing indoor/outdoor activities throughout the day. No more video games or being lazy instead go outside to do at least forty to sixty minutes of activity which helps them sweat plus it helps them be in shape.  It will help them in the long run as adults  already having  a good habit of doing exercises and having a healthy lifestyle that is going to help them in their career, relationships and in life.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @shineyshoop and help us raise funds for our program to grow and inspire hundreds of kids in the community.

Our GoFundme campaign link is at the bottom, make sure to clink on the link for more information.

See you at a court near you

Coach Guevara


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