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How do you become a better Coach season after season?



Being a coach is a tough job and many see it as an easy job and it is not a full time job.  Of matter of fact it is a full time job describe as a “part time job”  working with kids is not an easy task however it is worth all the long hours of sweat, hard work, ups and the downs.  Most importantly is mentoring kids about life lessons and more.  Coaching is about teaching the kids about the mistakes you made as an student-athlete and adult so they will not  make the same mistakes we did.  It is more than basketball is about lessons off and on the court.  It is important to instill responsibilities from doing homework to doing chores around the house, helping your parents around the house to helping classmates with homework.

How do you become a better Coach season after season? Well the wait is over to know what it takes to become a better coach season after season, it’s simple but it takes hard work. The one thing  I have been doing in the month of September is working on myself and changing my eating and lack of exercise habits.

It all started as needing fresh air so I decided to walk around the neighborhood for a mile and I notice I was exhausted just by walking a mile around the neighborhood. I knew there and then I had to change my eating habits along side  doing more simple exercise like walking/jogging around the neighborhood. I needed to change my mindset in order to see change in my health and lifestyle.

Surrounding yourself with motivating individuals  will help you make a drastic change in your life for the good. That is what happen to me in the end of August it all started as a homework assignment for my Introduction to video class and I needed to interview an expert in business or sports business. I knew I had the perfect candidate for the job.


Hearing how motivating he was @youthcoachmiami  inspire me to start running, eating less greasy food, less carbs, less junk food that was making me tired and not motivated to do exercise. First you have to work on yourself be content with yourself mentally and physically in order to be a mentor for the young kids and teenagers.

Be the walking example of what you are teaching to the kids. That is how you become a better Coach season after season. Have a positive mindset, encourage your student-athletes to be better people every single day. Having your life together as an individual it helps teach others with the mistakes you have made.


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2 thoughts on “How do you become a better Coach season after season?

  1. I am interested in signing up my 9 year old boy for basketball fundamentals. To that end I would like to speak with you about your program. Please contact me.


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