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How to end the year with a bang?

It has been a great month by far for @shineyshoop basketball program. The hard work that Coach Guevara has done all year long is paying off  getting to train new kids in fitness, health, communication, self-confidence, self-esteem and in basketball. It has been the best month yet and the funnest when it comes to training new kids that are happy to learn the game of basketball and more.  It has been a busy month with new challenges, new kids and the same basic fundamentals skills that is required in basketball.   My goal as  mentor/basketball coach is for the kids to be fit, healthy, active and in shape mentally and physically and most importantly to have  fun.

The one key factor in ending the year with a bang is knowing your value and showing the parents of the athletes  that your program is effective and a fun environment to be around in.  Another great factor is staying true to yourself as a coach and knowing what type of coach you are whether aggressive or passive. Once they see the value your bring they will return as repetitive customers as well as giving your referrals with their friends and family.  I have learn along the way to have the best customer service with the parents as well with the kids. It is important to communicate with the kids about school, homework, hobbies, eating habits and how long have they been playing basketball and other sports. As corny as it sounds communication is key.


What has worked for my basketball program is incorporating 30 minutes of fitness exercise in the first 30 minutes and ending the session with 10 reps of stair drills. As a trainer it is important to help the kids get in the best shape they can get with me as their trainer. If they have improved throughout the sessions I have done my job as a coach/mentor. My goal is for them to gain confidence in their game and as a person. To make great decisions along the way that would help them tremendously. Coach Guevara believed in me , she gave me the boost that I needed. That is my ultimate goal as a individual/coach.


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