Shineyshoop Basketball program

Shineyshoop Basketball Circuit Clinic

10005967_229156757273510_762599998_oHappy May to everyone. Make it a great amazing month!

As a Basketball Coach/Trainer I always reinvent my drills and training sessions so the kids can have a new and different session each day. That makes it fun for myself and the kids.

In the month of April I joined an incredible company called Beachbody it’s an online workout program with nutrition and 100s of workout video you can do at the comfort of your home. Every since I started the program I have been the most consistent, content, energize and working hard towards my  fitness goal. Its not only a workout program it’s beyond that it teaches you discipline, consistency and to work on your personal development .

My initial reason for joining the program was to improve my basketball sessions and learn new exercises for the kids to do in the first 30 minutes of practice and my reason has not change in fact has improve my circuit basketball program.  It has helped the kids get in shape, build confidence and stay active throughout the week.  New fun exercises encourages the kids to have fun at practice and ask for more drills.  Beachbody has workout programs for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. Great workout programs for student-athletes that want to take their game to the next level.

Beachbody has improve my basketball program to the max and beyond so therefore my circuit basketball program has gotten better and more intense for the kids, not only am I challenging myself but I am challenging  them to become better athletes and students. The program showcases workout program to improve on  vertical jumps, endurance, stamina, footwork and everything you need for kids to get better at basketball.  I incorporate these exercises at every practice and I can honestly say I see an improvement in the kids health and fitness capability.

My motto is for the kids to become better students by the end of practice and to fill accomplished and confident about themselves.  It’s not about the Coach it’s how you impact the kids lives throughout the program.

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It’s not only  a game , We change lives!

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