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Zone Defense

Hello World,


Coach Guevara here….

I personally love defense and every aspect of it. Ever since I was involved in organized basketball as a young girl, I always tend to go towards defense and the structure of it. It has always intrigued me how much work you have to put into it. Is the easiest when it comes to not memorizing plays however is the hardest when it comes to putting in work.

Zone defense takes a lot of effort not only from the individual player but his or her’s teammates. The amount of spoken communication that goes into is mind-blowing. Zone defense is simply covering a particular zone on the court. The gist of it is amazing. If I am being honest, is my favorite part of basketball. Is what I do well as an athlete and is what I emphasize as a mentor, teacher and Coach.

What I enjoy the most is the different zone defense you can adjust during games whether is in the High School level, college or recreational leagues. My favorite zone defense is 1-3-1 or 2-2-1. The different variety of plays you can show your athletes is incredible. It all depends on the offense the opponent team is playing.

Let’s go back to why I prefer and like using 1-3-1 and why it works in my opinion. 1-3-1 zone defense can work to trap the offense in every angle of the court. The fastest player in your team can be the one and trap the point guard then the three players that have the middle of the court and defend their zone. Not allowing the point guard and shooting guard to pass the ball beyond the elbow. The most crucial part of the 1-3-1 zone defense is the defender in the paint area. There is only one defender and in order for that particular player to do his or her job the three players in the middle of the paint have to defend their zone and not let the opponent pass them. It can work wonders.

May I add, in order to fully work all five defenders have to have stamina, agility and always use your tip toes on defense. As a High School Coach, I utilize both plays. It works really well with JV players.

As I stated above zone defense requires more work physically because you are defending the entire court in zones and communicating throughout the game with your teammates.

Have fun on defense.

See you at the Basketball court

Coach Guevara owner of  @shineyshoop






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